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Therapy Testimonial June 18, 2018

“Six years ago, I reunited with my birth son who I had put up for adoption when I was 18. It was such a joyous reunion, but I knew at that point in my life that, I better get myself into some therapy, because I didn’t want to take a chance and mess up my reunion with my son! That’s when I found Jeanna Gomez with Gomez Counseling and Consulting Services, and that has been the biggest blessing.
I myself was adopted 57 years ago, and I have always struggled with who I was. I was a people pleaser and in constant search of some validation. I was masking so much pain, (partially because of the loss of my son and in other parts, the loss of my own origin) After going to Jeanna, she has taught me so much about loving myself and that I am valuable and she has taught me to set boundaries in order to take care of myself! After, working with Jeanna, I truly am more confident and I’ve learned to love and respect myself and that I am valuable! I have the most amazing relationship with my birth son and my daughters. My marriage is even so much stronger, because of seeing Jeanna! She truly is an amazing therapist, and I highly recommend her! Everyone deserves a fantastic therapist like her”
—GCCS Client with Beautiful Family Blessings

“I worked with Jeanna for a year and feel like my life turned a corner working with her. I was seeking therapy for general anxiety, work stress, and performance anxiety. I had gone through counseling in the past – the kind where I’d explain an issue to the counselor and we’d talk about it. While that was somewhat helpful, I was not seeing much of a difference in the way I felt so I started to look for someone with Somatic Experiencing (SE) and EMDR experience.” With Jeanna, we used a combination of SE, EMDR, and Brainspotting; on different days different methods were more effective. There were a number of root issues/traumas behind my anxiety that were not consciously within my awareness, and the different techniques helped those issues come to the surface so that they could be addressed. It took some time to identify and work through my issues; the awareness and healing did not happen overnight for me, but Jeanna was perceptive as to what I was experiencing emotionally, physically, and cognitively, and I thought she consistently led me in a direction of progress. I recommend Jeanna and would definitely consider working with her again in the future.”  – 2016 Former Client with a New Healing Perspective

“My life changed dramatically after taking the Love Addiction Workshop. I used to look for others to love me. Now I can love myself. Now when I feel abandoned, I can love and nurture myself and know that I am enough”. …..a Resourcing Relational Reality, Love Addiction/Love Avoidance Intensive participant

“Thank you so much for your work this weekend’s Family of Origin Intensive. Your preparation for and conducting of the training was incredibly well done. Your ability to convey complicated information amazed me. I knew the weekend would be helpful. I had no idea how transformative it would be to me personally. Your guidance made that all possible. I felt totally comfortable in your hands. I really am grateful for you and your gifts. I’ll be forever in your debt.” ……a Living Life, Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Intensive participant.

” I wanted to tell you once again how much I enjoyed that Family of Origin workshop. Thank you so much for encouraging me to do it! It was so empowering! I so admire your compassion that you put into each and everyone one of us to help make us better! You definitely got your calling life.   Thanks again for everything and for being the best therapist on the planet.”
……a Living Life, Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Intensive participant.

I HIGHLY recommend Jeanna Gomez. She is amazing at what she does and I received more freedom from my past and made more progress than years with other “therapists”! I want change!! I don’t need someone to just listen and nod their head… Her work with Codependency and PTSD is amazing!! HONESTLY THE BEST BEST THERAPIST!!! JS

I recently attended a 3-day Co-dependent Intensive sponsored and lead by Jeanna Gomez. I have been working with Jeanna for the past year-and-a-half on some of my personal issues, of which were co-dependency issues from my past that have been effecting my life. My past work with Jeanna allowed me to have a good base of knowledge about the concepts discussed and worked on during the Intensive, which the 2 other attendees did not have going in. However, Jeanna’s thought-out, methodical and easy-to-follow presentation, along with open and safe give-and-take between the attendees, allowed everyone to feel very comfortable in understanding the concepts and, most importantly, relating those concepts to their co-dependency issues. Following the 3-day program, I felt like I had finally purged myself of the shame these issues had placed on me and, in turn, allowed me to move forward and live in a much healthier and self-fulfilling way. I highly recommend this Intensive for anyone who is still struggling with these issues-it is well worth the time!
(A Living Life Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Men’s Intensive Participant)

I am so grateful for the opportunity and experience that Jeanna provided in her workshop.  She helped me see, understand, connect to and heal some of the parts of myself that had been left and abandoned in childhood.  I feel this workshop was a huge step in an ongoing effort to reclaim my wholeness, step into my power and live a life of thriving rather than feeling stuck in surviving.  Jeanna’s presence, compassion, understanding and guidance has been a priceless gift to me on my journey.  Thank you, Jeanna, for the amazing work that you do. (A Living Life Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Women’s Intensive Participant)

Learning about boundaries and doing anger and shame reduction work is hard work yet I really see that for me this is how I truly start loving myself. I am starting to respect my individuality more along with the ones I am closest to. I am grateful for Jeanna Gomez’s workshop because I felt safe and it was an environment that I felt empowered to open myself up for this experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling in their lives and especially for adult children who have been affected by the disease of alcoholism. Now I have a deeper awareness of what I can do to help me be the best person I can be. (A Living Life Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Men’s Intensive Participant)