Clinical Therapy Practice

Services & Specialties

We provide Trauma Therapy, Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse counseling to adults, couples, families and the military. We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused treatment and Pia Mellody’s model of treating childhood developmental trauma, Post Induction Therapy™ (PIT) model with clients.  We also incorporate Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Somatic Experiencing (SE), Bodywork and Somatic Education, (BASE™), and Brainspotting™ (BSP) in the treatment process.

Trauma: related issues including, childhood developmental trauma, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and other shock trauma which could include car accidents, torture, and witnessing violence, war, and natural disasters. These types of life threatening experiences can pose a significant amount of distress for a person, which can impact their emotional state, behavior with others and physical health. We assist survivors of trauma understand the impact that the trauma has had on their lives, connect to the emotions and memories that are causing the distress and assist in healing the survivor when these traumas resurface.

Military personnel and families: The experience of witnessing a war or a terrorist act, assisting other active military personnel in their duties and being a spouse or other family member of a military person takes extreme commitment and courage. Despite all the preparation, the training and devotion the effects of war trauma can have an impact on the lives of everyone. GCCS uses EMDR and SE to assist military clients and family members work through their trauma and the effects it has had on their life so they can go on to live a healthier and full existence as they are back home. Proud provider for Project Get Headstrong.

Anxiety/Phobias/Obsessive Compulsive behavior: These preoccupations and fears can include consistent worries of life, fears of becoming ill, fears of being in crowds, driving, flying, animals, talking/performing in front of others, or other specific situations. Fears of being judged by others, of how others perceive you, see you physically and mentally or think of you. For children this could include fears of the dark, monsters or shadows, scary nightmares, night terrors, fear of something coming into their room, etc. Compulsive behaviors could include excessive avoidance of what causes the anxiety, i.e. avoid driving, flying, people, the dark, sleeping alone etc.Other compulsions include excessive washing of hands, cleaning, counting or other repetitive behavior that takes a significant amount of time out of the day. We help clients identify the reason for their anxiety, fears or obsessions, lower their level of distress and gain control of their negative thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

Substance, Love and Gambling Addiction: Alcohol, drug and other addictions including love/relationship addiction, and gambling addictions can have a significant impact on the lives of clients and their families. We strive to assist you in stopping those behaviors, cope with cravings and triggers and gain control of the thinking and behaviors that negatively drive your life into abuse and addiction. We assist families to understand the progression of addiction, cope with the addict and gain some perspective on their own life.