Trauma Healing and Recovery

Creating A Valued and Empowered Self (CAVES)

The CAVES program is designed to assist those realizing the need for a more intensive trauma healing processing.

CAVES is a week-long Trauma healing intensive program for adults, that meets from 9:30am-6pm daily in an outpatient group setting. Although there will be individual processing time, we also know that healing happens in supportive community group spaces. This Intensive is designed for those who have identified through previous therapy that their history of trauma has had a significant impact on their life. It’s designed for those wanting concentrated time for healing, resolution and breakthroughs, while being in a safe environment. The CAVES program helps clients recognize their true empowered self by identifying, processing and experientially healing from developmental, relational & “too much too fast” trauma wounds.

Trauma, also referred to as “Accumulated Stress,” is often the result of an overwhelming event that exceeds one’s ability to cope or integrate the emotions and sensations involved with that experience. The distressing event is “too much too fast”. In childhood this type of wound can be considered “anything less than nurturing” and even the result of “too little too long” as in the case of abandonment and neglect. Trauma can involve one experience, or repeating events that due to its overwhelming nature become encapsulated and can have a delayed response by weeks, years, or even decades. The trauma recovery offered in the CAVES program includes those dealing with relationship trauma, childhood trauma, shock trauma, military trauma, sexual trauma, accumulated stress from the haunting grasp of addiction, deception & betrayal, loss of a person, situation or trust and sports related trauma, including performance anxiety.

GCCS specializes in trauma recovery and we have the expertise and ability to assist survivors of trauma who are ready to move into an empowered and thriving life. The effects of intense accumulated stress can seem like literally being in a dark cave not knowing how or when the beauty of life will return. The CAVES program acknowledges the power of the darkness but shows you how to step into the brightness of a beautiful recovered life.

CAVES provides an avenue to reset the thwarted instinctual mechanisms for protection and defense that were interrupted during trauma which then create problems with boundaries, intense reactions and emotions. CAVES works with individuals to learn new methods of healing trauma through experiential models that integrate mind, body and soul. CAVES utilizes not only cognitive behavioral models but will assist participant to use models of healing trauma that “neurobiologically locate, focus, process, and release experiences and symptoms that are typically out of reach of the conscious mind and its cognitive and language capacity”. Such as Brainspotting™, Somatic Experiencing, Boundary Work, Shame Cleansing, EMDR, Voicing the Inner Self, Music Therapy, Somatic Self Defense, Meditation and more.

Come experience this exciting and progressive intensive life healing program and let us together mend the rupture and move towards Creating A Valued and Empowered Self (CAVES) that is bright, open and accepting.

Upcoming CAVES dates: July 22-27, 2024 Cost: $3200.00. Call or email to inquire and schedule for initial screening process. or 713-660-0776