Intensives Groups Events

img “Reclaim Value, Power and Abundance.” A Women’s Guide to Restoring Trust in Relationships. $70.00 Select options
img “Reclaim Your Authentic Self” Find your Warrior Goddess A Women’s Empowerment Group $70.00 Select options
img Boundaries: Saying Yes to your No! An Intensive Workshop designed to Mend Ruptured Boundaries and Gain Control of Your Life. $650.00 Select options
img Living Life, Claiming Your Voice. A Family of Origin Intensive Workshop $1,800.00 Select options
img Mending Boundary Ruptures. A Somatic Healing Training for Clinicians $550.00 Select options
img Reclaim the Power Within : A Sexual Trauma Survivors Group for Women $60.00$800.00 Select options
img Resourcing Relational Reality : A Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Intensive Workshop $1,000.00 Select options
img Somatic Experiencing Group Case Consultations $75.00 Select options
img Somatic Side of Shame™ (SSS) $650.00$670.00 Select options
img Special Event : Somatic Experiencing (SE) A Body-Mind Approach to Healing Trauma & Increasing Resiliency $35.00 Select options
img Special Event : Warrior Goddess Way Retreat and Fire Walk Ceremony $189.00 Add to cart
img Strengthening Relationships from the Inside Out: A couples intensive workshop $2,600.00 Add to cart
img Warrior Goddess Training $60.00 Add to cart