Professional Consultation and Training

Coaching for Optimal Success

Determining what direction you want your life to follow can be very rewarding. However, at times, obstacles can hinder our positive thinking and cause us delay in working towards our personal goals. Personal Coaching can help you obtain the motivation, self-esteem and direction to reach goals and obtain the rewards you deserve.

Whether you want to become a better parent, a better husband/wife, father/mother, or a better employee or boss. Whether you are seeking financial opportunities, a better relationship, a different career, an increased education, weight management, life coaching speaks to you. People from all walks of life have struggled in making positive decisions, setting life goals and reaching them. Through my personal coaching program I will provide the motivation, education and expertise needed in assisting you in getting the life you want.

Coaching is not the same as counseling. Coaching is action oriented, involving setting and reaching goals. Coaching helps you fine-tune the goal you want to accomplish, find solutions to past setbacks, identify and reduce barriers and plan for the future with consistent follow-up. Coaching is a structured process that helps you to follow steps and see progress in reaching your goals.

Coaching is about working with people to show them new possibilities and helping them take actions that were not previously obvious to them. It fosters understanding and respect for the opinions of others. It increases self-awareness by helping people tune into their thoughts and increase their potential for new ideas.

My specialty areas in “Coaching for Optimal Success” include:

  • Correctional Coaching™
  • Personal Career Coaching
  • Life improvement Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Diet and Weight Control
  • Educational Enhancement Coaching
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Coaching for Adolescents