Warrior Goddess Way Retreat and Fire Walk Ceremony

Women of all ages, colors, sizes, shapes, identity and orientation
you are invited to the
Warrior Goddess Way Retreat and Fire Walk Ceremony

Yes let’s get out and come together!! This is an outdoor event.

Commit to you!
Enter into a world of discovery, exploration and openness to
claim the women you are destined to be.
Come learn how the Warrior Goddess Way
can make a difference in your life.

I have had the honor of connecting and learning from a web of Warrior Goddess women who have displayed full acceptance, love, trust and support. I’d like to invite all women to come learn how you can be part of this great matrix of women. These are women who were willing to be vulnerable and walk through a journey of change so they no longer felt isolated and alone, are no longer cut off from other women for support and are accepted unconditionally.

For too many women the ground we live our life on is set in self judgment, comparison, caretaking and valuing everyone else’s needs before our own. This unsteadiness doesn’t allow us to come into our peaceful, joyous, fiery, fluid and amazing self. Instead we are battling the many messages and beliefs of we are not good enough, we are not doing things “right” and an overwhelming need to be liked and approved of. Women, we can obtain a new way of walking through the world instead of constantly comparing ourselves to others and feeling as though we will never fully match up.

The Warrior Goddess Way is about changing this paradigm and providing that new way.
So come join us in learning how to be part of this movement and connect with the woman inside you that you were destined to be.

Our time together will include a powerful Fire Walk Ceremony.
Fire walking opens up the door of possibility in all areas of one’s life.

Allow the element of Fire to take any fear, self doubt, frustrations, and negative beliefs. Embrace the Women you were meant to be!!

By challenging our beliefs we open up our perspective and begin to take responsibility for creating something more expanded and powerful with our lives. By stepping into the fire, we prove to ourselves once and for all that we have much greater power than we ever believed possible. These are the gifts and lessons we receive from the element of Fire.

The Fire Walk is an amazing experience you will not want to miss!

The Beauty of Fire Walking
Heatherash Amara
Warrior Goddess Leader

GCCS utilizes 20 plus years of trauma healing experience, the teaching learned from various modalities including the Warrior Goddess training and mentorship of Heatherash Amara, the ground breaking Facing Codependence model of Pia Mellody and the Felt Sense rediscovery work of Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine.

Warrior Goddess Way Retreat and Fire Walk Ceremony
Friday November 20, 2020

Retreat and Fire Walk Location:
Beautiful Cook Ranch in Navasota, TX
Cost: $85.00
More information will be provided once you are registered.

Covid 19 Requirement: Although this is an outdoor event, everyone will be required to social distance and wear a mask throughout our connected time together. So please keep this in mind when registering. Be responsible so we can have this time together.

Workshop presenter:
Warrior Goddess Leadership Team and Training Facilitator

Firewalk Instructor:
Adelee Mirelez
Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, Fire walk Instructor


Warrior Goddess Retreat and Firewalk POSTPONED


Due to Covid-19 on the Rise in the Houston and Surrounding areas we are adhering to city and county guidelines by postponing this gathering.


Once we hear that our areas has these numbers contained we will reschedule this event.


Thank you for your understanding.