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Strengthening Relationships from the Inside Out: A couples intensive workshop


Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to help couples explore their relational difficulties in a safe environment, learn more about each other’s individuality, and how as a unit they can heal their relationship. This intensive is designed for a maximum of 3 couples. Through a series of experiential exercises couples will practice how to address painful issues utilizing boundaries, somatic healing and effective and guided communication skills all designed to increase their existing strengths. The exploration of patterns of behavior embedded from family of origin modeling are examined reducing negative emotions such as shame and allowing for the authentic self to emerge and old behaviors to release. Vulnerability, openness and honesty are encouraged leading towards increased healthy intimacy. New methods of engaging each other verbally and non verbally will be introduced and practiced. The prerequisite for this workshop is a previous participation in Living Life Claiming Your Voice Family of Origin Intensive, Survivors I or another equivalent program addressing family of origin issues. Reading PIa Mellody’s Facing Co-Dependence and the Intimacy Factor and Peter Levine’s, Waking the Tiger are also highly encouraged.

Location: Houston, Texas
Time: 9am to 5pm
Number of Days: 4 Consecutive Days